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What to Expect: Sunday Morning?

Below are a couple answers to questions you may have about Sunday's service at HBC:

About how long is the service?

We begin at 10:45a and get out around noon.

What should I wear?

Come as you are. The pastor typically wears slacks and a collared shirt. We try to make the emphasis not one what we look like on the outside, but what's inside.


Is there somewhere for my kids to go?

We have a staffed nursery. Also for ages Pre-k - 2nd grade we offer children's church following the singing portion of the service.


What kind of music do you have?

We are more traditional, singing out of the hymnal. We're interested in modernizing some but aren't in a position to do so yet.


How long are the sermons?

The pastor will typically preach for about 40 minutes.


Will I feel welcome?

Absolutely. Our members love meeting new people and you will be welcomed and accepted at once.